Saturday, December 19, 2015


Heidy-Ho, Blogging Buddies!

Sometimes I find myself with a few photos that didn't really fit into any of the posts I have published.  But I still think they are "blogworthy" so I'm going to use them to end this year!  I hope you find them interesting or amusing... or at least worth a peek.  There is a video, also.  If it doesn't work in your email, go to the actual post at and view it there.

Without further ado...

The night before Halloween, we had quite a bit of rain... as evidenced by the "moat" around this house down the street!
A couple of weeks later, I caught a glimpse of these on my morning walk.
A closer look revealed really interesting "dots" on the 'shrooms!  Does it remind you of Alice in Wonderland, too?
And three days later, they had flattened into little umbrellas!
The spousal-unit provided a few shots that we really had to chuckle over.
In all fairness, it does say "Driving" center... not "Parking" center!!!  Sigh.
"Dispatch... did you say we are supposed to guard the shopping carts... ?
... or the soda machines?
On a recent visit to a land far, far away, I encountered a couple of things I found bewildering and interesting.

Look!  The arrow says Sushi is down this way on the left!!!  Yum!!
Ummmm... the only thing down this way on the left is a fence... uh... hello?


On a morning walk in the far, far away land, I encountered a most interesting way to remove piles of leaves.  Apparently the residents are completely in synch as most had raked theirs all the way into the street neatly along the curb!  Most excellent!!  Be sure to click the expand screen icon in the lower right corner of the video to be fully amazed!!

So... as a new year approaches, I can't promise any further 2015 posts... but I will definitely return in 2016.  If I don't manage more this year, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or a Bah Humbug (your choice) as well as a Safe, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

Until next post...

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Heidy-Ho, Blogging Buddies!

Well, I wanted to get this post out sooner than now... but we all know how that goes.  :)

This one is just for fun to show you a few more of the fabulous farm critters that were judged at the Beauregard Parish Fair in October.  You have seen the poultry review previously.  We're moving from two-legged to four-legged now.

Momma and her two "kids"  :)

My newest friend

This little guy was wreaking havoc in his pen!!  First, he turned his feed dish up and nearly over!  Then, he tried jumping into the water trough!!

Anyone remember Billy Goat Gruff??  Found him!

And... just for fun... on a completely unrelated note...

I DO love a sense of humor!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next post...

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Heidy-Ho, Blogging Buddies!

November started beautifully... then slowly took a spiraling nose-dive.  :(  I hope your November was wonderful.  I will be glad to see December on Tuesday.

What I have not gotten to share with you yet (and intended to do so in early November) were some photos from my trip to the Beauregard Parish Fair this October.  I thought I would start you out with the Chicken pictures.  Honestly... I had seen some "exotic" chickens when I went a few years ago... but nothing compared to the variety I viewed this year!  I have other photos to share and will try to get back on track with posting for you ASAP!

Please enjoy this plethora of magnificent poultry!

Seems like there is a 4-way mirror here!

Lotsa' colors on this handsome one

Whole new picture of "feather duster"

An assortment of feathers

And more feathers

Anyone need a powder puff?

Any idea which end of the chicken you're seeing?

A late '60s "Beatle" chicken?!?

About as pretty as can be

Competition for the one above

Is this a Yin-Yang thing?!?

Ready for Trick or Treat with the Devil's Mask!!
Hope you enjoyed the poultry-fest!!  I have more critters to show you next time.  Will try to get that out in a few days!!

Thank you for your patience with me.  I will try to do better.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Heidy-Ho, Blogging Buddies!

September has been a slightly difficult month so I will be glad to see it go.  October is always interesting as we begin to see crazy fluctuations in weather and there is some hope for a period of cool lasting longer than 1 day.  :)  We'll see what we get.

With all that said, there are always those crazy photo opportunities I just can't pass up.  It's time to share a few of them with you.

As always, my early morning walks provide some very good colors and fun things like fog.


So... one morning when I left the back yard through the walk gate in the dark, I hit a spider web with my face.  Backing off, I peered with a streetlight in the background and could just see a web with a large, garden-type spider on it.  I ducked beneath it and continued on my walk assuming it would be gone when I returned in about 35 minutes.  I was wrong.  This spider was not deterred by something too large to eat crashing into its web... which did NOT break, by the way!  Sturdy!  So, with plenty of light, I snapped a couple of photos to share with you.  It is really a beauty and it was out there for a few days before moving on to greener bug-catching pastures!

No, it is NOT eating my Suburban!!!  It's all about perspective!

I happened to look up on a walk one morning.  I saw a cloud formation in the distance that seemed vaguely familiar.

Couldn't quite put my finger on it... but I zoomed in for a closer shot.  When I was viewing it later on the computer, I saw what I didn't immediately recognize before.

Anyone else see a Dairy Queen soft-serve cone?!?  Yummmmmmm.

Finally, I had always thought that reincarnation as a pet of my terrific pet-loving friend, Susan S., would be the ultimate return.  Not so fast!!  The newest member of her little four-legged "family", Sashi, was caught in this candid shot... held behind bars... her gorgeous little eyes begging to be set free... but to no avail.  There is clearly a prison environment here that makes me question my initial thought.  Sigh.  An older sibling in the background, Sawyer, has apparently come to terms with incarceration.  Poor little things!

The Jasper Air Show, which has rained out the past two years, is scheduled for this coming weekend.  If things work out, I will try to get some good pictures for you all to enjoy.

The Beauregard Parish Fair is looming near.  The dates are October 6-10.  I haven't made it back there for a few years but am hoping for great weather.  Nothing quite like a small-town fair to get things going.  :)

So, my friends... until next post...

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Greetings to my Blogging Pals. Those who have been with me a while know about my participation in Project 2996. I began my participation in 2009 and plan to continue this as long as I am able to do so. I ask each of you to take a moment to remember what happened on 9/11/2001. Even if you read my tributes previously, please read them again. It's important that we see this as an individual, personal event... not just something that happened in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania over a decade ago. It affects us all and will continue to do so. I do not see the 14th Anniversary as any different from the 2nd, the 19th, or the 100th. The pain for the families is the same. But this is a tribute to their loved one!! Please read about this wonderful gentleman.
*** This was posted in 2009 as my tribute to Sgt. Maj. Larry Strickland. I repeat it here as I will continue doing so on each anniversary of 9/11 as long as I am able. There are a couple of notes and updates from 2010 in italic.

Please meet Sgt. Maj. Larry Strickland. He was 52 years old, born in Washington State, and had a Bachelor of Science degree. He had served our country in a lot of places including Germany, Washington State, Washington DC, Texas, and Virginia. He had many awards and decorations. Most devastating for me to learn was his plan to retire upon completion of 30 years of service... at the end of September 2001. After all of his service, he was close to spending more time on his hobbies (fishing, hiking, gourmet cooking, and needlepoint) and especially looking forward to spending more time with his family. SGM Strickland left behind a wife, Debra, who was the Garrison Command Sergeant Major of Fort Belvoir, VA. at the time, three adult children, and one grandson who will never know his grandfather as he was only a year old when SGM Strickland was taken. His parents also were left to deal with the untimely loss of their child.

NOTE: I posted a note to the family at and received two emails.

One was from SGM Strickland's son-in-law and read, in part:

"I came across your blog today while searching for SM Larry Strickland. I am lucky enough to be married to his daughter Julia and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for caring enough to research this remarkable man. Everything you read about him and his character is true. He left behind an amazingly strong wife, a beautiful daughter, his two sons, and his grandson. His grandson was 4, not 1 as many newspaper articles claim, so he does remember his grandfather, and fondly."(I was SO happy to read that his grandson did remember his grandfather and wanted to share that with you all! MNC)

The other email was from SGM Strickland's daughter and read, in part:

"Mary, thank you very much for your kind words. I am Larry's daughter, and it is wonderful to know that though it's been 8 years, remembering him and this tragic event is still as important now as it was the day it happened. He was truly a wonderful man, and the best father anyone could ask for."

SGM Strickland headed out to work that day at the Pentagon as there were some meetings he deemed important enough to attend even though he could have skipped them. He had annual leave built up that needed to be used or lost. He chose to go to work. If you knew nothing more about him than that, you would know the character of the man. It was that character that had him in his office on the second floor when the wing he was in was struck by American Airlines Flight 77.

But this is a tribute to SGM Strickland's life. And I've got to tell you the things said about him and written about him are absolutely glowing!! What a wonderful thing... to have those left behind remember you so well and so lovingly. It's not just family. These were friends, co-workers, people who knew him on a "business" level where, many times, the feelings are not so great. I would suggest you take a few moments today to review three different web sites where there are tributes (and from where I gathered much of the information I am sharing with you). It really won't take that long and, thankfully, most of us did not actually know anyone who was lost that day. Perhaps it would be good to learn about at least one of them. I know it gave me a very new perspective.

Pentagon Memorial Fund - Names of the souls lost at the Pentagon are alphabetical by last name. Scroll down and click on SGM Strickland's name to read about his service career.

Columns - The University of Washington Alumni Magazine- Read a really great article here about SGM Strickland's personal life. Sounds like someone we would all like to have known.

The Washington Post - This project is a database of all of the souls lost that day and has a very nice tribute to SGM Strickland. - This is where folks can leave notes for the family. Many folks were positively impacted by SGM Strickland. Some commented here about their appreciation of the man. I invite you to take just a moment to leave a note here to let the family know the loss of their loved one is something we all remember.

9-11 Heroes - This is another site where a note can be left. Again... take a moment to leave a note on at least one of the sites. You have no idea how much this can mean to family members.

Thank you, SGM Strickland, for your service, for your honor, and for your character. I'm glad I got to know you.

We should never forget.